New Patients

At West Jefferson Chiropractic and Nutrition we pursue, with you, the profound wellness of your life and you living it. We do not treat disease. We do not focus on illness. We do not medicate.

We promote the quality of your life through a process that may begin with pain relief and develop into a step towards wellness and vitality. We correct subluxations with adjustments, address nutritional deficiencies and remove interferences such as toxins, nerve disturbance, and hormone imbalance that rob you of life and vitality.  By helping you learn more healthful habits, we can transform the way you think about your health for the better.

So while the reason you become a wellness partner may initially be pain, we will help you believe that you can feel good again and have a vital life through our Steps to Wellness Programs.

Please download the New Patient Intake Forms, complete the forms, and bring them with you to your appointment. We look forward to serving you in our office.

In Good Health,
Drs. Michael and Kristy Monroe

New Patient Forms