nutrition in bowl of bananas, peppers, and orangesThe human body is a powerful self-healing system that is designed to be well, to regenerate, and to thrive. Unfortunately, the current model of health care contradicts this truth. Illness and disease are presented as the natural state, the inevitable result of aging that can be cured or managed with some sort of prescription(s).

The result of this disease management system has been catastrophic to the health of our general population.  Many people are now disconnected from their innate healing potential and believe they must survive in disease and a life of prescriptive medications   We refuse to believe that our bodies are deficient in cholesterol lowering medications or medications to regulate sugar or control thyroid function.

We believe your body is doing the absolute best it can with what we give it to work with (or in most cases work against). We work to assess the causes of chronic disease and apply strategies of nutrition, diet,  and exercise to both treat and prevent these illnesses.

Our goal is to reintroduce you to your self-healing design, turn on your self-healing and self-regulating powers for you to regain your health and to restore balance.


Our methods of evaluation include a detailed history, physical and nutritional exam. We also employ: